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    השכרת רכב בישראל

    A variety of vehicle types to choose from

    At Auto Shay you can enjoy a variety of vehicles suitable for every type of need, from small private cars to large commercial vehicles.

    השכרת רכב בארץ

    Service and personal treatment

    Auto Shay is a small and special company. it gives a great advantage in service and personal attitude and in adjusting the right vehicle for your need.

    השכרת רכב הכי זול בארץ

    You can travel without worries

    Auto Shay takes care of everything, no fees, and no test. Also, the vehicle is serviced regularly at the company’s service center and you can drive without worries.

    השכרת רכב מספר 1 בארץ

    The cheapest price in Israel

    Auto Shay offers the best prices in Israel, even if you received a lower offer, we will be able to compete and offer a more attractive offer.

    Look at what Auto Shay's customers have to say about the service experience:

    Join today to the many customers of the Auto Shay company who enjoy a variety of unique benefits. Small company Great service!

    'We took a family vacation during Passover and needed a comfortable car for the whole family. In Shay's car, they made sure I had the right vehicle and the price was really affordable. '
    Adi Chohen
    rented a car in Israel
    "As part of my job I have to fly a lot to Europe, Auto Shay always made sure I had a car quickly and efficiently"
    Eli Barabash
    Rents a car from us abroad on every business trip
    'I was looking for a car right away in good condition. When I got to Shay's car, I received a variety of vehicles in excellent condition, I just came and went with a vehicle. '
    Rotem Atias
    Bought a used car

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    The branches of Auto Shay

    We at Auto Shay offer you 4 branches to pick up and return the vehicle

    Ben Gurion Airport

    Hataas 1, Raanana


    Hataas 1, Raanana

    Rishon Lezion

    Lishansky 7, Rishon Lezion

    Tel Aviv

    Hayarkon 130, Tel Aviv 63573

    You can contact us by phone or fill in details and our representatives Will contact you soon:

    Main branch: Lishansky 7, Rishon Lezion

    Do you have a question?

    Fill in the details and our representative will get back to you

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